We want to make sure that no one in our local community has to go hungry, but we need your help to make this happen. Your gift of financial support, time, business partnership and food can make a real difference.



We gather around the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with a desire to bring the love of Jesus to Cheltenham. We aim to collaborate as Christians on projects that work towards the good of our town that we would not be able to undertake effectively on our own.

Every year, we support a ‘churches together’ carols in the town event, and have come together for initiatives that highlight the need to tackle modern-day slavery.


We have the joy of supporting a missionary in Burkina Faso through Elim Missions.

We also have supported another couple from our church family here in Cheltenham through missionary training, ready to be deployed into a missional setting soon.



We are asking you to help us donate money to Compassion centres that can help educate and prevent the effects of Malaria for almost 3000 children, most of who are under 7 years old. Sadly, children infected with malaria experience fever with chills and sweats, headaches and body ache and vomiting. In tropical Africa, where children bear the overwhelming impact of malaria, the risk of death and long-term health issues are very real.

Across the world someone dies from malaria every 30 seconds. This is preventable and we can do something about it. We are committing as a church to raise £17,718.98 by June 2021, which will resource Compassion child development centres in Kwahu, Ghana. This will be able to provide indoor residual spraying and empower the community to carry out awareness and prevention campaigns. Indoor residual spraying involves spraying the interior walls of homes with insecticide, killing mosquitoes that rest on the walls.

The campaigning part of this intervention will educate community members on how to prevent and treat malaria and reduce the number of mosquitoes. Your support will provide 2,795 children, plus family members, with the knowledge and resources to protect themselves from malaria. Your decision to make a difference will improve quality of life, educational prospects and even save lives. Thank you for considering giving today.